Our Green Commitment

Bridge City Cleaning Services is committed to doing our part to protect the environment while ensuring that your home or business is both clean and sanitary. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible to achieve a spotless, sanitized result. We use BioKleen for general cleaning, vinegar and water or Bona for most floors, and hepa static dusting cloths. We only use bleach products for the toughest cleaning issues or upon your request. Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are just as effective and affordable as conventional cleaning products and eliminate risks to your family’s health and the environment.


Between Bridge City Cleaning Service visits, you may want to use your own green cleaning products – or you can also make your own using ingredients that you probably have around the house. Here are a few ideas from www.eHow.com:


Baking Soda

Baking soda is commonly used to deodorize refrigerators, but it's also useful in other areas of the house. Mixed with a little water, baking soda removes coffee and other stains from mugs, dishes, and sinks.



Vinegar is akin to an all-purpose cleaner: it deodorizes, disinfects, and gets rid of dirt. The smell doesn't linger once it's dry, it's inexpensive, and it can be used on most surfaces except marble.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice cleans many things well, and can also be used to polish brass and copper pots, kettles and dishware. A lemon cut in half and sprinkled with baking soda can be used to clean dishes and remove stains.


Borax is a powerful natural cleaner that can be used in all areas of the house as well as in the laundry. Mix 1 tsp. of borax with 1 qt. of water for an effective all-purpose cleaner.


Read more about making your own green cleaning products on eHow.com, and call Bridge City Cleaning Service today to schedule regular service!

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