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About Us

Many people ask how Bridge City Cleaning Service / Home Tek, LLC came to be. And, I answer that it was born of necessity but has grown into a thriving business and gratifying personal career.


After earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, I worked for a major paper company as customer service manager before moving to the San Francisco area. There I enjoyed a busy eight-year career as a campaign manager for the The United Way. Family life brought me to Oregon in 1993. When I had my children, I focused my energy on raising them and being available for helping with homework, extracurricular activities, and volunteering at their schools and in the community.


Friends often commented about my meticulous and organized homemaking abilities, and I came to realize that between naturally possessing those skills and the management skills I gained in my previous career, I could build a professional, locally owned and managed cleaning company that would provide top-notch service to clients and allow the flexibility I needed to raise my family.


After building my business from the ground up, I found myself enjoying the challenge of managing my own business as well as fulfilling a sense of service that providing a clean living or working space can give to a family, a busy working couple, or a real estate sales or management company. Today, BCCS has grown from cleaning a single home, to a busy, citywide operation, cleaning more than 90 homes per week while maintaining the same, personal dedication that I gave to my first client.


I now have a staff of more than 25 terrific cleaners and a wonderful, dedicated scheduler. They all take pride in a job well done and cheerfully performed. We are busy, but never too busy to provide a personal touch and do our best. When I hear a client say, “I love my team,” then I know that my staff is giving the same conscientious service that I would provide myself.

                                    Peggy Thatcher Aguilu, 

      Owner and President

Bridge City Cleaning Service is a proud member of ARCSI, The Association of Residential Cleaning Professionals, International. The mission of ARCSI is to provide valuable information and opportunities for growth and professional development to its members. Visit for more information about this important organization.