A clean home or office is a necessity, not a luxury. Here’s why.   


  • Professional cleaning keeps allergens under control.
  • Less dust and dander helps people with breathing problems.
  • A clean living or workspace means less mold and mildew, and it smells better too!
  • A clean home or workspace saves money over the long term. 
  • It  costs more to replace rotted tile, grout, baseboards, and window trim than it does to have your home or office professionally cleaned on a regular basis.


Bridge City Cleaning Service delivers sparkling homes and work environments to a variety of clients ranging from realtors, property managers, and homeowners to busy offices, and law practices.


We accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, as well as your personal check or cash.


Call Bridge City Cleaning Service today at 503.238.1232 or request an appointment online by clicking this link: Request an Appointment and completing and submitting the short form. We will get back to you within 24 hours (or on Monday if your request is sent on the weekend) to confirm your appointment.