Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know you have questions about our service. Here are several most frequently asked, and our answers. We are happy to answer more, so call us today!



What happens when I call for an appointment?

When you call Bridge City Cleaning Service for the first time, we will either give you an estimate over the phone or we may schedule a personal home or office visit to talk about the details of the cleaning you need, including:

  • the frequency,
  • the length of time needed to clean,
  • your budget,
  • any special needs, and
  • when we can start.

Before every scheduled cleaning, we confirm the appointment a day or two before (unless we are providing regular business janitorial service).


What can I expect on the day of service?

On the day of your cleaning appointment, our uniformed, trained crew will:

  • arrive on time,
  • bring all cleaning products, tools, and materials,
  • use Oreck carpet, and Miele floor vacuums,
  • leave a cleaning checklist and any notes about issues they may have encountered,
  • conduct a final “clean sweep” to make sure the premises are sparkling and your 
  • specific needs are met (this is done by crew leader), and
  • depart as scheduled leaving a fresh, clean home for you to enjoy.



Who can I expect to come on the day of service?

On the day of service, you can expect a crew of three. Each crew:

  • includes a team leader to manage the cleaning,
  • wears nametags and aprons with the Bridge City Cleaning Service logo, and
  • utilizes an organized approach to cleaning your home or office.



What if I want to compliment your staff or what if I have a complaint?

With Bridge City Cleaning Service, you will come home to clean! And if you don’t, we want to hear about it. Please give us a call at 503.238.1232. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Of course, we want to know when you are pleased with our service as well! We offer our employees a reward incentive for excellence! Please let us know who is going the extra mile in your home or office by giving us a call or sending an email.



How long does it take to clean a typical house?

Each home or office is different, with different needs. Generally, however, a good estimate is to clean an average size home (about 1,800 square-feet) requires approximately four total hours for a regular cleaning. Count on eight to ten hours for a deep cleaning (recommended if it has been awhile since your home had a deep clean).  


For a business or commercial site, time is variable. Currently, cleanings for a business, law office, tax accounting firm, or property management company, range from three to six total hours. We will give you a customized bid to meet your unique needs.



How much does it cost?

Our staff is licensed and bonded. We work in teams of three and are available  weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on an “on-call basis.” Every home and business need is different. When you hire Bridge City, we will come to your home to walk through and give you an estimate of what your home will cost to clean. Call us for a quote today!

For your convenience, we accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, as well as your cash or personal check.



What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

We appreciate at least 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment. We understand emergency situations and do our best to work with you, however, if you regularly cancel or reschedule and cannot provide 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee on a case-by-case basis.